myD3SIGN Interactive VR showroom

myD3SIGN VR Interactive Showroom

myD3SIGN Interactive VR showroom

VR impact in the enterprise field is key

Furniture and fashion design are facing a time of change and need of digitalization. If we look at archviz (architectural visualization), we see a market that is aware of many digital tools that architects and interior designers use every day for building and showcasing their projects.
3D modeling and 3D renders are a valuable tool for professionals since early 2000. The next step will be to bring to the table more tools that architects and interior designers will adopt for speeding up their workflow, engaging on a whole different level their customers.

What you can see below is a short video showcasing the VR-ready version of our Italian office. Born as an early tech demo in November 2016, I was messing around for the first time with Unreal Engine 4 for archviz.

An Interactive Showroom visualization in VR. Material and products showcase from anywhere around the globe.

The “try-fail-iterate” approach is always the best one

I learned a lot and looking back to it one year and a half later I am proud of what we achieved and how much I learned from there. From that moment Unreal Engine became my go-to tool for any kind of project I faced, I grew with it and we are both in a great shape for what’s coming next.